Strange Stories: Episode 3 “I Wish Tonight”

A young boy is kidnapped after publicizing his apparent ability to heal sick people. Who was taken him, and what will happen if he can’t deliver what is expected of him?

Written by: Mike Murphy
Producer: Morgan Barnhart
Asst. Producer: Mike Murphy
Post-Production: Mike Hennessy
Scripted Editor: Arlene Osborne
Music Credits:
Sound Effects: Soundsnap and GR Sites

Katie Dehnart as Nicholas (“Nicky”) Prescott
Eleiece Krawiec as Emily Prescott
Mike Hennessy as Steve Prescott
Julie Hoverson as Narrator
Shane Harris as Butch
Alex Gilmour as Frankie
JT Beauford as Kristin O’Dell
Abner Senires as Officer
Shane Harrisas as Mr. Harker
Abner Senires as Man

9 Comments to “Strange Stories: Episode 3 “I Wish Tonight””

  • Wow finaly. I can’t wait to hear this.

  • Great story. Katie Dehnart as Nicky was wonderful. She had the 7 year old boy down perfectly.

  • Thanks, Mary! It is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with Mikey. He’s da man! 😀
    Male voices happen to be some of my fave to perform for Voice work, as well. The farther from my natural voice I am, the more I LOVE doing the character. O:-)
    This was an especially fun production to work in, as well as enjoy listening to!
    Thanks again for the opportunity to work with such an AWESOME team! I’m proud to fit among the Misfits. 😉
    God bless you guys!

  • I’m glad someone thought it was fun, Katie! 😉

    This production was a bumpy road for a number of reasons, but I hope everyone enjoys the finished product. As a wise man once said about politics the two things no one should ever see being made are laws and sausages. I would add what went on behind the scenes on “I Wish Tonight” to that list, but all’s well that ends well!

  • Just wanted to add, “Strange Stories” I Wish Tonight is a great show really worth the wait. Capraesque. And Katie must agree with Mary, you have the the 7 year old boy down perfectly. Good job by the entire cast, and it seems I love anything Julie is involved in. I’ve posted about the show at several otr sites.

  • I liked it. I found the story and the characters very interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  • Thanks, frankenstein1887. O:-)

  • […] for a large … Now you will see Steve on a regular basis looking goofy in the pages of British …MisfitsAudio Productions Blog Archive Strange Stories …Eleiece Krawiec as Emily Prescott. Mike Hennessy as Steve Prescott. Julie Hoverson as Narrator. […]

  • This was a very sweet and touching story. At a time when many have a very negative opinion of mankind, it was refreshing to hear a story of simple faith and love. Even the bad guy had a heart. I agree with the other comments about Katie’s fine performance as the boy. I know some will see this as only a nice fantasy, but I think it goes a lot deeper than that. Each of us have talents and spiritual gifts that we can either develop and use or let atrophy. Nicky had the gift of healing and wasn’t afraid to use it for good. Mike Murphy has a talent for creating stories that allows us to ponder these important concepts in an entertaining way.

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