What You Eat

After a mysterious comet passes by Earth, people begin transforming into what they have eaten. Can a NASA ship catch the comet and solve the mystery before it’s too late for mankind?

What You Eat was written by Mike Murphy.
Producer: Katie Dehnart
Asst. Producer: Mike Murphy
Post-Production: Mike Hennessy
Scripted Editor: Arlene Osborne
Music Credits: Incompetech.com
Sound Effects: Soundsnap and GR Sites

Kevin Kemple as Greg Collins,
Glen Hollstrom as Professor William Travers,
Katie Dehnnart as Tina Masters
John Dehnart as Dave Pike,
Julie Hoverson as The Narrator,
Katie Dehnart as the Stagehand,
Joe Stofko as General Morgan,
Zellie Berraine as Dr. Unger
Mike Hennessy as the Newscaster,
Eleiece Krawiec as the President of the United States,
Kristopher Sumrall as Dr. Winchell,
Zellie Berraine as Ellen Jefferson,
Paul Lavelle as Captain Redmond,
Jim Prater as Andrew Lucas,
Sam Haft as Lt. Anders
Cookie Colletti as Dr. Bonham, and
Mike Murphy as the Gonku.

14 Comments to “What You Eat”

  • Folks, You will LOVE this one. It’s something you can Moooo for. Cap :-)

  • Hi Mike,

    Just on a hunch, I posted a link to “What You Eat” on a message board called “ShadowSpear” that is designed to serve the Special Operations warriors of the U.S. Military. I’m sure Cap will confirm that when you’re deployed, you can become pretty desperate for any kind of entertainment. Anyway, that was this morning and this afternoon I got this reaction from a poster. Here it is (uncensored)

    [QUOTE=82ndtrooper;304256]”What you eat” is some crazy shit. Entertaining though. :D[/QUOTE]

    So if nothing else, it looks like we gave at least one soldier a half hour’s entertainment!


  • WONDERFUL job everyone! I’m SO PROUD of each of you for your hard work and dedication to this episode! I hope to have the opportunity to work with you all in the future!
    Thanks again! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Great story! what a surprise ending.

  • Great job Mike!! That was udderly FANTASTIC!!

  • I enjoyed the story but I hope that there will be a follow-up to see what happens aftre the maturation process and the return to earth.

  • Hmmm. A sequel? I hadn’t thought of that. . . yet.

  • “What You Eat” was udderly mooooarvelous, both as a participant and as a listener. Great work everyone!

  • Thanks, Madame President.

  • Wow, every one did so will i cant beleve the outcome of this, kuto mister mike kutos

  • That was an entertaining piece. It had the flavor of a 50s B movie: stilted dialog, questionable science and all. Recommended!

  • What fun!… Thanks for the opportunity to be the gruff military man… that is pretty far removed from the real me!

    Joe (Gen. Morgan)

  • Very nice episode, enjoyed it.

  • […] (will not be published) …Nice one, George | BG!I laughed so much that it hurts! Thanks, George.MisfitsAudio Productions Blog Archive What You EatMike Hennessy as the Newscaster, Eleiece Krawiec as the President of the United States,

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