Enchanted House of Doors

Author: Anna Estep-Tadrzak
Rated “Halloween” Evil laugh Hahahahahaha

From her past, a memory arises, parts of it Cold, parts Frightening, and Hazardous.

Do you want to come in and listen as tho you are looking through her eyes?
It was from many, many years ago, when houses were built very, big and lonely, (when empty) . In city called Akron, in the State of Ohio contained such a house.
This audio is true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

House of Doors is written by Anna Estep-Tadrzak

Featuring the voice talent of:
Capt. John Tadrzak as the Narrator
Darren Marlar as the Announcer

With the help of:
Eric Desrosiers
Assisted by James Smagata

Music by:
podsafeaudio.com, incompetech.com

Sound Effects by:
soundsnap.com, a1freesoundeffects.com, .sounddogs.com, and partnersinrhyme.com

All characters/etc property of Anna Estep-Tadrzak, this is for entertainment purposes only.
This has been an “Original” Misfits Audio Special. All rights copyrighted 2009

5 Comments to “Enchanted House of Doors”

  • We hope you will enjoy this audio. It took us some time to get it completed. Thanks to all that helped out. Cap

  • Well read Cap! 😀

  • Hi Anna,
    I never knew you were so talented! Your story was very good and John was excellent in the narration. I really liked all the sound effects too. GREAT JOB! Hope you write some more!

  • Yes, the back house was built by your Popou, the living room floor was from the greek church it was the dance floor from the old church, the windows also came from the old church. The kitchen and bathroom floors were from a house that was torn down in the neighborhood. It was originally a four room house and popou added the four rooms around it. The front door was from the house in the neighborhood. Your yia yia had told me all about it when I was living there and visited her upstairs while everyone was at work. She was a beautiful lady, I enjoyed her so much.

  • The above was sent by a Dear Friend. Cap

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