Misfits Audio 12 Days of Christmas

Only from the mind of Capt. John would this even be dreamt from. For all you Chief Cooks and Bottle Washers.He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We would like to really thank the talented singing voices of:
In order of days. (1 – 12)
Cookie Colletti
Murray Retread
Alexa Chipman
Johnnie T
Cheryl Cunningham
Steve Carter
Janet Green
Alex Gilmore
Clem Retread
Alan Anderton
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Christopher “Chip” Joel

And a VERY special thank you for our pianist: Kristen Zaza

Writer: Capt. John Tadrzak
Post-Production: Jim Smagata
Sound effects: Jim Smagata
Music Kristen Zaza

This has been an original production from Misfitsaudio.com Copyright © 2009.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
A washing machine in a small room

On the Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Two laundry soaps

On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Three Clothes Softeners

On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Four Bleach Bottles

On the Fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

On the Six day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Six holey socks

On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Seven ripped t-shirts

On the Eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Eight Greasy Overalls

On the Ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Nine Dirty sheets

On the Tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Ten pillow cases

On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Twelve Loving Kisses

13 Comments to “Misfits Audio 12 Days of Christmas”

  • Great North Star, What a cast. Thanks everyone. Cap

  • GOOD thing my wife wasn’t drinking MILK when she heard this. Hahahahahaha

  • Has Andy Williams heard this? I see us performing at his Christmas show in Branson. Great editing job Jim.
    Strange voices! : )

  • Actually, Chip was 11 and Gwen was 12…

    This was a job and a half, but well worth it. Don’t forget to stock up on snowballs for when Snowball the Elf comes your way! When you listen you will know what I mean.

  • Cute!

  • What a great job everyone! Very cute!

  • I want to give a very big Thank you to all of you. I hope you will save this song in case something happens to Misfits. I hope not, but. SAVE IT ANYWAYS. LOL You all should be very proud of yourselves. I am of each and everyone. THANK YOU! You all made my year.

    Cookie Colletti: I can’t help but shake my head in disbelief, You broke me up. What a talent!
    Murry Retread: Someone should have you see a shrink. Just kidding, you where Great.
    Alexa Chipman: A sweet voice for a great song. Thank you so very much.
    Johnnie T: was here a moment ago, but I think he left.
    Cheryl Cunningham: Cheryl, did you and Cookie get together on this? Still Fantastic, LOVED every minute.
    Steve Carter: Steve you should contact all your friends and let them hear this, great singing voice.
    Janet Green: Here’s another lady that could make money singing. Well done.
    Alex Gilmore: Now here is a very soft but great British accent. Thank you for doing this song.:-)
    Clem Retread: Aaaaaa see note above, no, way above! LOL
    Alen Anderton: I couldn’t think of anyone better to be in this spot, another person with a great voice.
    Christopher “Chip” Joel: You did the singing, like you do laundry at your home. Thank YOU. Great Job!!
    Gwen: I know your weren’t up to this, but you can through with flying colors. Special THANK YOU!!

    An now for our Mixer, the one and only Jim Smagata, who with many of hours piecing this together and sleepless days/nights too, came out with this MASTER PIECE. Because of him, this will be something I will keep forever. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top this. I know I should never say never, but he was just so good at this. This mixing was a true work of ART. Thank YOU.

    I hope you all enjoyed doing this, I know it was extremely hard, but you all heard the results. One heck of a song. MERRY CHRISTMAS staff. Cap :-) (ELF)

  • you are very welcome, I must say it took me by surprise when I read the lyrics…I thought, “hmmm, this had to be written by a man” ‘hehe. In any event, Thank you Jim, for putting up with all of it, it must have been alittle scary to do! When will we be able to hear the finished product? Can’t wait….

    Cookie Colletti :) http://www.cookiecolletti.com “Reach for the Moon…even if you miss you’ll land among the Stars”

  • And thank you both! You sure worked some serious magic with that stuff. Love it, and I am definitely passing this on to everyone I know who needs some good holiday fun from somewhere waaaay off the beaten path. Haha!

    Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this project. It’s definitely one to be proud of.

  • Ah Cookie…You are very talented girl:-)


  • Adorable! 😀

  • If that wasn’t enough, see the movie adaptation on YouTube


  • Jim, You sure know how to hit an Elf. LOL I wonder why he looks like someone we know. Hmmmmmm.

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