Snape’s Diaries Episode 2 “Silver & Gold”

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After narrowly escaping the Dark Forest, Snape dutifully attends a Quidditch match with Lily, even though it is just Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw, but things aren’t going well.

Severus Snape – Alex Gilmour
Lily Evans – Sophie L.
James Potter – Andrew Edwards
Mary Macdonald – Refi-chan
Sirius Black – Ronnie Rowlands
Remus Lupin – Steven Jay Cohen
Peter Pettigrew & KnightBusDriver – Stevie K. Farnaby
Avery – Dedrick Jensen-Woodard
Professor Minerva McGonagall – C. Penn
Professor Horace Slughorn – Bruce Busby
Aberforth/Albus Dumbledore & Mulciber – David Maciver
Quidditch Commentator – Laura Frechette
Ravenclaw Supporter – Chris Weasley

7 Comments to “Snape’s Diaries Episode 2 “Silver & Gold””

  • Who cares about Ravenclaw? I DO!!!

  • The real question is who cares about Hufflepuff!

    *Ducks Cedric fangirls*

  • hehe
    “I lo-your my friend lily.”

  • Sophie L. and Dedrick seem to be the best actors. 😀
    Again the sound effects are really nice and I’m starting to quite like the story.

  • “You can’t hate Quidditch as much as you pretend!”
    “No, I really can’t…”

    lol, that was hilarious. This is starting to grow on me.

  • I love this story but I am left confused over a few things. Like if Peter, James and Sirius can’t turn into animals yet then what was Remus doing out of the shrieking shack? Or is Snape’s theory that Lupin was the werewolf that attacked them just a paranoid theory?

    And if so then who the hell was the other werwolf.

  • Hi, they can, that particular scene is actually canonical. The other werewolves in the forest are simply the usual residents.

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