Sci-Fi Salvage and Restoration Co. Ep 2: “86”

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Sci-Fi Salvage and Restoration Co. The Storykeeper finds a use for a story originally written by Kurt Vonnegut to help a man down on his luck to see there may be hope for his future. Head inside the Sci Fi Salvage and Restoration Company and enjoy the latest story.

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Cast List

This is Sci-Fi Salvage and Restoration Co. – Episode 2 – “86”

We’d like to thank our cast…

Dale McCubbins as Joe

Joe Stofko as Storykeeper

John Dehnart as Ed

Glenn Hascall as Ray

Delvin Kinser as Orderly

Ben Stephens as Radio Announcer

Natalie Stanfield as Leonora

Paul Brion as Dr. Hitz

Rebecca Thomas as Female Operator

Tami Rumfelt as Mrs. Wehling

Destiny Garza as Nurse

Eleiece Krawiec – Woman

Josh Svendsen as Marty

Chloe Dehnart as Child


Scott Johnson as Narrator

“86” was adapted from Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “To Be or Naught to Be” by
Glenn Hascall who also served as producer of this broadcast.

Post production by Sonny Steelgrave.

Executive Producer and webmaster – Capt. John Tadrzak

Music by Kevin Macleod of

Art by Anthony Yoingco

This series will focus on short stories written during the Golden Age of science
fiction. Each story will be lovingly recreated to resemble the more campy
perspective of early science fiction broadcasts. Characters in this story were not
meant to bear a resemblance to anyone living or dead.

This production is for enjoyment purposes only and is an original production by Misfits Audio, © 2017. All rights reserved.

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