The Ghost of Benjamin Sweet

The following audio drama was originally broadcast in October 1984 as a co-production between Grande Prairie Little Theatre and CFGP radio in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada and is used with permission. It has been digitally remastered for your enjoyment.

Written by: Pauline and Fredrick Guilsdorf, and the Columbia Radio Workshop, first presented in 1938.

Produced and Directed: by Chris Bromley, CFGP Radio

Co-Produced: by Grande Prairie Little Theatre and CFGP Radio, broadcast October 31, 1984.

Technical Assistance/Mixed by Jim Smagata
Originally recorded in Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada.

In the cast were:
David Johnston as Benjamin Sweet
Scott McAlpine as Theobald Tubbs
Murray Retread as Dismal Ghost
Elaine Scarfe as Mrs. Tubbs
Beverly Bennet as Mrs. Hightreble
Hal Gordon as The Count
Cindy Meagher as the Spinsterish Woman
David White as the Chairman
Mike O’Connor as The Clerk
Hal Gordon as the Announcer

Used with Permission, and brought to you by Misfits Aud

3 Comments to “The Ghost of Benjamin Sweet”

  • Even though there was a couple “dead” spots, I think that bring back something old and “DEAD” this time of year is a great idea. I hope you all enjoyed this show as well as I did. Cap

  • We have come a long way from mixing sounds with three tape players cued up and a box of gravel! I am surprised and pleased that the reel-to-reel deck I was using didn’t break the rubber band drive while dubbing!

  • Regarding the Ghost of Benjamin Sweet where did you attain performance rights? I have a copy of the script and am thinking about perforiming it for my radio show.

    Art Funni

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