Strange Stories: Episode 2 “Takeover at the Toymart”

A police sergeant deals with a very unusual hostage situation when stuffed animals take over a local toy store during the holidays.

Written by Mike Murphy
Directed by Capt. John Tadrzak
Mixed by Mike Hennessy
Editor Arlene Osborne

Featuring the Voice talents of:

Mike Murphy as Sgt. Curran
Capt. John Tadrzak as Rex
Julian Munds as Boscoe
Julie Hoverson as Narrator
Katie Dehnart as Andy Compton
Eleiece Krawiec as Christina Compton
Mike Murphy as Speck(s)
James Smagata as Captain Adler
Andrew Soutter as Mr. Walsh
Capt. John Tadrzak as Officer
Stefania Lintonbon as Jenny Parks

Creative Commons 2008

18 Comments to “Strange Stories: Episode 2 “Takeover at the Toymart””

  • I am looking forward to the rest of the story.

  • I am looking forward to the rest of the story to find out why the stuffed animals have taken hostages.

  • A great opening! Sounds like another winner!

  • I am anxious to hear the entire story. When is it coming out for the public?

  • Having only heard the first few minutes makes me curious. Looking forward to hearing more of the story soon.

  • Cool story! Hearing you as one of the characters was a plus.

  • EXCELLENT JOB!!! Really enjoyed it!!!

  • Strange Stories episode 2, “Takeover at the Toymart” is a great addition to Strange Stories, sure hope little Rex comes to a good end he seems like a good egg. Good job on the teaser it brought out some nice elements of the story without giving away so much I didn’t feel I needed to listen to the play.

  • Folks, Thank you for your kind words, you have not heard anything yet. Please wait until you hear the full audio. Also please, continue giving us your opinions, and please let others know we are around. Your opinions is what makes us better from all the staff, Thank You. Capt. John CEO Misfitsaudio

  • Hi Folks,

    Many thanks for the kind comments. The Final Release of “Takeover” is coming very soon. I don’t want to step on Capt. John’s turf by spilling the beans, but it will be much sooner rather than later to find out what was behind the toys’ uprising.

    I think I can safely say that more “Strange Stories” are coming your way via Mike Murphy’s wonderful imagination.

    Best regards,


  • cool
    very cool
    enjoyed it so much-a positive expereince 😉

  • I really enjoyed listening. I’m glad the story had a happy ending!

  • Great story. I really enjoyed it.

  • What a cute and intriguing show! REALLY enjoyed it! Sure was fun working with you on it, Capt. John. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity and hop to be able to serve you in the near future, as well.

  • My thanks to Katie and everyone involved in bringing my script to audio life, both in front of and behind the mike. Happy holidays to all.

    Mike Murphy

  • I just liatened to Takeover at the Toy Mart. What an intriguing story, especially the solution to the stuffed toys problem, jealousy over the popularity of electronic toys

  • I found it a little hard to understand the voices of the animals at first but then I got used to them. I thought the male voices were very good and I enjoyed the story line very much.

  • Great, imaginative story with delightful
    characters. Sure to become a Christmas classic!

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