Snape’s Diaries Episode 7 “The Dark Mark”

Written by Artemis Riddle
Mixed/Post-Produced by April Sadowski

It is the Summer Holiday, and Snape finds himself forced to choose between his own life and killing an innocent for the Dark Lord.

Eileen Prince-Snape – Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Severus Snape – Alex Gilmour
Lily Evans – Sophie L.
Mary Macdonald – Refi-chan
DeathEater – Alexa Chipman
Avery, Sr. – Dedrick Jensen-Woodard
Rebecca Smith –Morganne Reed
Auror – Kim Gianopoulos
KnightBusDriver – Stevie K. Farnaby
Voldemort – David Ault

9 Comments to “Snape’s Diaries Episode 7 “The Dark Mark””

  • This was a brilliant script btw! I haven’t read the books, but I’m on a Harry Potter marathon and it was cool watching the series with this backstory! When I saw the 6th movie and HP got the potions book and seeing all the notes in it, I thought about how Snape had written down like everything Lily had said/suggested in it. I love how this backstory fits with the series and enhances the story!
    Thank you MisfistsAudio for producing this and letting me be a part of this!
    Yays to everyone involved.

  • I want more stories! These were so good! Though Sev’s voice was monotonous but over all a great story!

    I am on like a harry potter high right now. My walls are covered in posters, i go by Arianna Potter at school, (well, i am to my friends anyways)and i am redoing my room so it looks like the gryffindor common room (without a fireplace, but with a bed) and my parents are getting sick of hering me talking to dumbledores army and teaching them spells. i even have my own wand (and it looks real too) and I’m driving my family NUTS!!!!! except my grandma she likes harry potter, probably as much as i do, especially when people live to be 562 (Nicholas Flamel) HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Make more of Snape’s Diary’s! Or i will use Reducto on you people! HAH!

  • Good news for you, there is another Harry Potter series in post-production at MisfitsAudio and will be coming out starting in November/December. It is the story of the original opening of the Chamber of Secrets! Hope you return to listen, should be a lot of fun.

  • For those of you wondering where series 2 is, the mixer is swamped at work so it might be a little while before it is done!

  • Ah, that was a pretty great ending. 😀
    I wasn’t expecting all the sad parts though, especially at the beginning. ;_;

    And since I’ve yet to mention it, Morganne sounds absolutely adorable!

  • wait its only a voiceover? no video??

  • This was really good.. 😛

  • If it was a Video, we would have to charge you. LOL Cap.

  • Nicely done! I did wonder how he was going to get out of that one.

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