Misfits Audio Presents: Fable Distortions Ep24 “Stories of a Police Unit”

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Welcome to the antics of the Police Unit. A place where some things are quite literal and others are just riddled with whimsy. Burt is lead detective and exudes a confidence that no one understands. In the end there is a resemblance to an event in a beloved and classic fable. Maybe you’ll know what it is before reaching the end credits.


Misfits Audio Presents: Fable Distortions Ep22 “The Wisdom of Low,Dermert, and Bart”.


Three stories about friendship come from three different countries – all retold in a new place and time. Bring the kids, join the fun, and explore the power of friendship in this brand new retrofitted classic.


Misfits Audio Presents: Fable Distortions, Episode 20: Big Trouble Finds Chicken


Chicken Little and the staff of Lurkey, Lucky, and Penny are back in this fun reimagining of an Aesop fable. A delightful follow up to Blue Sky vs Farm Feathered Foul. F. Loxey is still a cad and he brings new friends this time around. Bring the family, keep the popcorn close, and let’s head to the Snackatoreum.


Misfits Audio Presents: FABLE DISTORTIONS 17: “Blue Sky vs Farm Feathered Foul”


Farm animals take on the big city and Chicken Little has the
next big case for Lurkey, Lucky, and Penny – a high-powered law firm,
big on gullibility. It’s a well-known story told in an entirely new
way. The Early Bird and the daughter of Old McDonald also make an
appearance in this humorous retelling.


Misfits Audio Presents: The Administration Ep12: “Vacation, All I EVER Wanted”

On vacation from Washington, D.C., the Narrator has his first encounter with the amorous First Lady.


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