Doctor Who: Pyramid Of Doom

Art by James Leeper

On an unknown planet, the Doctor runs into a human female named Amy Lee, running from something, but what is she exactly running from?

Written, Produced, Directed and Post-Produced by James Leeper

Featuring the voice talent of:
James Leeper as The Doctor
MJ Cogburn as Amy Lee
Mark Kalita as The Cyberleader
Bill Hollweg as Steven Oliver

Music Credits
Dr Who Tenth Planet OST
Doctor Who Radiophoinc Workshop: Volume 1963-1967
Doctor Who Original Television Soundtrack 1-3
Opening Theme By: Marine Dalek
End Credits Theme By: Peter Howell

Doctor Who is copyrighted to the BBC © 1963-2008. This is a Non-Profit Fan Production. This is for entertaining purposes only. This has been a MisfitsAudio Production.

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who, ever since I was 5 years old. The first Doctor Who episode I watched was ‘Doctor Who: The Chase’. With William Hartnell as the Doctor. With the Daleks and Mechanoids on the planet Mechanus, with the Daleks chasing the Doctor and his companions through time and space. And my luck, my first video was a 30th Anniversary Video Cassette. After that, I became a Doctor Who Fan for LIFE!

I always had a taste for the classics. Especially Patrick Troughton’s era, with the Cybermen episodes: ‘Moonbase, The Tomb Of The Cybermen, The Wheel In Space and The Invasion’. I love the classic Cybermen. Gerry Davis did an excellent job in designing these classic Cybermen. So I wanted to do a Cyberman script based on the classic Cybermen, but in a future era. I do apologias in advance if the voice effect for the Cybermen are not like the classic, my mixing experience is only a year, so I did try my best in the voice effects.

In this Doctor Who, I included three very talented and popular Voice Actors. Mark Kalita from Chicago. He played as the Doctor for Darker Projects for four years and moved over to BrokenSea. Bill Hollweg from Texas, a crazy Voice Actor, mixer, writer and cover artist from BrokenSea. And Finally MJ Cogburn also from Texas. Co-creator of Quantum Retribution at Darker Projects. Very talented writer, voice actor, mixer as well as a singer.

I’d like to take to the opportunity to say thank you to them as they have helped me with writing, voice acting tips, sound effects and mixing tips. So thank you “Mark Kalita, Bill Hollweg and MJ Cogburn”.

And all those who have helped me as well, they know who they are. And thank you. So I’d like to dedicate this Non-Profit Made episode to MisfitsAudio and all my friends in the Voice Acting Community. The Doctor shall return in late 2010. Thank You.

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