Misfits Audio Presents, Good Sam Ep6 “Order Restored”

In this final episode it appears Sam’s life can get back to normal. Scott is reunited with his wife Nikki and the case finally wraps up, but is Sam’s involvement really over? Listen to the very end for hints.


Misfits Audio Presents, Good Sam: Ep 5 “A Reversal of Fortunes”

The Five-Four file has been opened and the result is nothing short of catastrophic. Battery Six initiates their plans, but their former hostage struggles to help restore order.


Misfits Audio Present, Good Sam: Ep3 “Smoke and Mirrors”

It’s clear Sam doesn’t want to be involved, but without her help a man could die. Tyler, a federal agent enlists her help while a criminal element work to manipulate responses in order to accomplish their nefarious plot.


Misfits Audio Presents, Good Sam Ep 4: “The Five Four File”

The terrorist cell known as Battery Six have finally named what they want in exchange for their kidnap victim – The Five-Four file. Tyler seeks to find out what’s on the file first. Is he making a good decision or playing into the hands of the terrorists?


Misfits Audio Presents: Good Sam Ep2: “Faulty Connection”

If Sam thought she was in a difficult place in our last episode it is just a sample of the challenges she faces when the feds get involved. Sam is not used to being taken from the street, and when she is – her world turns upside down.


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