Gaia’s Voyages Episode 5 Commentary

In the commentary: Elaine Barrett, Christina Boyd, Neal Bailey, and Elizabeth Rast.

Gaia’s Voyages Episode 5: Grumbles and Jump Starts

This time on Gaia’s Voyages Zeet’s mechanoid staff goes on strike. Elizabeth discusses her psychic abilities, gives Armarok his marching orders and then proceeds to turn Mycroft’s world upside down. The pilots have lunch and Natty gets into a spot of trouble. Will the crew get back to known space? Tune in and find out!

Gaia’s Voyages Episode 4: “The Middle of Nowhere”

In the fourth episode of Gaia’s Voyages the ship and crew exit the wormhole but find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere with no main power or engines. We also meet the Firestorms – Gaia’s squadron of fighter pilots – and they run into something in space that NOBODY could have every expected. Hold onto your hats, folks, because life on the Gaia will NEVER be the same!

Gaia’s Voyages Episode 3: “Disaster at Xaphoni Part 3”

In this episode of Gaia’s Voyages the crew conducts a mission to rescue one of their own, gives Zeet dating advice, and Xaphoni rushes to its final destruction.

Gaia’s Voyages Episode 2 Commentary

Elaine Barrett , Rene Christine Jones , Kristy Plotkin , and Natasha Damroth listen to the episode and discuss it, giving their reactions and some behind the scenes info.

Appearing in Commentary:
Elaine Barrett
Kristy Plotkin
Rene Christine Jones
Natasha Damroth
Tigger the cat

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