Snape's Diaries
Episode 6: O.W.L.s

Written by Artemis Riddle
Post-Produced by April Sadowski

Featuring the Voice Talent of
Severus Snape - Alex Gilmour
Lily Evans - Sophie L.
James Potter - Andrew Edwards
Mary Macdonald - Refi-chan
Sirius Black - Ronnie Rowlands
Remus Lupin - Steven Jay Cohen
Peter Pettigrew - Stevie K. Farnaby
Avery Jr - Dedrick Jensen-Woodard
Professor Minerva McGonagall - C. Penn
Professor Horace Slughorn - Bruce Busby
Albus Dumbledore & Mulciber & Hagrid - David Maciver
Rebecca Smith (Ravenclaw Chaser) - Morganne Reed

HP © J.K. Rowling, WB, etc, used for non-commercial entertainment purposes only.