Green Lantern: Man without Fear Ep 1: The Capture

Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to bring back the first episode of Green Lantern with hopes you will take the time and go through our archives to hear the rest of this great show. We start our series with a present day wrap up of recent events. The Green Lantern Corps just had its introduction to the Sinestro Corps…the hard way!! How did they fair? And is that their biggest problem?


Green Lantern: Ep 9 “History Lesson Part 6”

Kilowog and his Poozers walk in on a crime scene still hot from the events of Episode 8 – how will they explain what’s happened to the Guardians? Carrol, Hector, Guy, Buck and Tomar Re all take very eventful lunch breaks and Hal turns to his old buddy Tom a.k.a Pi for advice on women, rude superiors and… oh yeah being a super hero!

Wait… did I mention that both Hal and Sinestro go to Oa…against their will?!? Don’t miss this one!


Green Lantern Ep 8 – “History Lesson – Part 5”

Hal confronts Carrol about his disappearance…does he come clean or create some magical escape without using his ring? And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…the fall of Thaal Sinestro!!


Green Lantern Ep7 “History Lesson – Part 4”

We discover the repercussions of Hal’s questioning Thaal Sinestro as Guy Gardner continues his training on the moon with Tomar Re, pushing the limits of what he can make his ring do! Kilowog arrives on Korugar and struggles to find anyone willing to speak to him and Carrol Ferris forms a partnership that she may soon regret.


Green Lantern: Ep Six – “History Lesson – Part 3”

Hal and Sinestro meet for the first time as Sinestro questions the cause of Abin’s death. Carrol Ferris watches helplessly as Ferris Air, under her guidance, runs the risk of losing its largest contract! Tomar Re and Kilowog are given special assignments by the emotionless Guardians to be carried out with the highest discretion.


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