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Have Gun Will Travel Ep 31: “Trouble in North Fork

Last week we lost a great lady of OTR Lauren Bacall with Humphrey Bogart , we have her audio show Classic Radio – Bold Venture, http://misfitsaudio.com/comments/archives/242, in our Archive to the right under Old Time Radio (OTR). Now, about this OTR, Have Gun will Travel: In this episode, Paladin needs to come to the aid of two different types of famers, but the crop is the same?


In Memory of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart

Please go to http://misfitsaudio.com/comments/archives/242

This is our first cleaned up episode of the series called Bold Ventures.

Have Gun will Travel Ep 30 “Bitter Wine”

Folks you may have notice a new voice starting in the last episode, the new voice belongs to Lisa Wu who now plays Miss Wong. There maybe something between her and Hey Boy. LOL However In this episode, Paladin needs to come between to types of businesses to save each from destroying the other.


Have Gun Will Travel Ep29 “Roped”

Folks if you like Have Gun will Travel check out our archive to the right for more shows. In this episode, Paladin trys to do what is lawfull but is he in time?


Misfits Audio Presents: “MORE THAN WORDS” by Glenn Hascall

How far will a dad go to prove his love for his son? Based on a true story this tale demonstrates love is action – not just feeling. A delightful story for the entire family from the fictional town of Point Constant.


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