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Tom Corbett Space Cadet Ep6: “Giant of Mercury” Part 2

Just when the Cadets think they have control of the robots…….


Tom Corbett Space Cadet in Ep 5 “Giant of Mercury” part 1″

We hope your enjoying Tom Corbett Space Cadet, send us an e-mail and we’ll post it on our face book page. Misfitsaudio@aol.com and Now, Tom and his crew are sent out to Mercury, to find out the cause of a radio transmission, that suddenly ended.


Tom Corbett Space Cadet Ep 4: Asteroid of Danger part2

Manning and Dr. Dale are held captive on a asteroid, will they be allowed to live, will they escape, or will they get blown up?


The Lone Ranger Ep 11: “Smoke over Missouri”

The Lone Ranger helps prevent the sabotage of a riverboat bound for St Louis that is carrying damning evidence against a crew of crooked fur traders.

If you would like to hear more Lone Ranger stories, please post a comment! Send to Misfitsaudio@aol.com


Tom Corbett Space Cadet Ep 3: “Asteroid of Danger-part 1″

Fans,We are so Happy that we have so many fans of Tom Corbett Space Cadet. We would be extremely happy if you would like to send us a comment about this new series. Send your comments to MisfitsAudio@aol.com with the subject titled Tom Corbett. This episode Cadet Manning and Dr. Dale end up on a asteroid and in extreme DANGER. Part 1


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