“A Heavenly Price” and “Ready for the Storm”

Strange Stories #5

We have two stories, one after the other, from the mind of Mike Murphy.
In this STRANGE STORIES episode, we present two tales: In “A Heavenly Price,” an Iowa farmer is selected to make a decision that will affect all mankind. In “Ready for the Storm,” a father and his daughter attempt to survive a deadly post-war storm.

Misfits Audio must inform you that the second show “Ready for the Storm” is a very strong PG-13 due to the nature of the subject matter.

Our special thanks, in “A Heavenly Price,” to the voices of:
Paul Lavelle as John Lewis,
Ken Kemple as Kre,
Julie Hoverson as the Narrator,
Eleiece Krawiec as Vicky Lewis,
John Dehnart as Kre #2,
Zellie Berraine as the Reporter, and
Cookie Colletti as the Kre Doctor.

Our special thanks, in “Ready for the Storm,” to the voices of:
Julie Hoverson as the Narrator,
Katie Dehnart as Gwen, and
Sam Haft as Daddy.

“A Heavenly Price” and “Ready for the Storm”
Writer: Mike Murphy
Producer: Katie Dehnart
Assistant Producer: Mike Murphy
Mixer: James Smagata
Editor: Arlene Osborne
Webmaster: April Sadowski
Music/Sound Credits: James Smagata

4 Comments to ““A Heavenly Price” and “Ready for the Storm””

  • These are truly a entertaining shows. May I say that the second show was hard to decide about posting, but there is a strong message there that needs to be told. We hope that you all will enjoy these two great shows from the writer Mike Murphy. I also would like to THANK our Mixer who came to our rescue, and ALL the great ACTORS that put 100% into these shows. Cap

  • Excellent stories. The second one makes you think about our current workd situation and wonder when we all learn to accept one another.

  • Thanks for all the good hard work. I really enjoyed them. Good performances and tech. Mr. Smagata’s atmospheric minimalist music adds a lot to the mood.
    I wonder what we could get for the moon? : )

  • Anoth3r Great show I just wanted to say thanks for everyones hard work in putting this together

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