Tom Riddle’s Diary: Part 1 “Shells & Slithers”

Written by Artemis Riddle
Post-Produced by April Sadowski

The young Voldemort saunters into Diagon Alley to join a group of Slytherin followers. Upon returning home, he finds Billy Stubbs, a muggle orphan, who tries stand up to Tom with disastrous results.

Tom Riddle – David Ault
Orion Black – Ronnie Rowlands
Avery, Sr. – David Maciver
Lestrange – Alex Gilmour
Olive Hornby – Morganne Reed

Minerva McGonagall – Elaine Barrett
Rubeus Hagrid – David Maciver

Moaning Myrtle – Laura Frechette

Albus Dumbledore – David Maciver

Billy Stubbs – Jules Ismail
Amy Benson – Artemis Riddle
Mrs. Cole, Matron – Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Special Thanks To
Ginny & The Weasleys for “The Yule Ball” song

Creative Commons – No Derivatives – Non Commercial – Attribution – 3.0

All characters/etc property of J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., or any of the individuals or companies associated with producing and publishing Harry Potter books and films. This is for entertainment purposes only, no galleons were earned! (spent perhaps, but that’s for the Magical Menagerie expense account records. If you are reading this, Smith, that tawny owl was ten years if he was a day! We want a refund!).

19 Comments to “Tom Riddle’s Diary: Part 1 “Shells & Slithers””

  • Was Morganne Reed not in this episode? I thought she was in them all :) I’ll take a listen *grins*

  • You’re right, somehow she got skipped in the list, I’ll put her in straightaway. She is listed on the main web site.

  • Awesome :) Thank you! I love the show, and not just because we’re in it :)

  • I thought Moaning Myrtle was in Ravenclaw?

  • It is not mentioned in the books which House she was in when I reread them. Technically we don’t know Olive’s House either.

  • I’m pretty sure she was in Ravenclaw. I think it was on Rowlings website or something. If you want me to just shut up and leave you alone I can do that too.

  • Show me the link and I’ll change the show notes.

  • Excellent job! *hands free Honeydukes gift certificate* changing show notes now!

  • Yes! I get to go to Honeydukes! Great series by the way. Loved Snape’s Diaries. Almost made me feel sorry for Snivellus.

  • We’ll see if you feel very sorry for Tom after this :)

  • Sorry if I’m starting another row, but at the part where Hagrid speaks, and then Riddle says “Legitimate, Hagrid. There is no such word as ‘legit’ or half a dozen others you just slaughtered in the english language.” I didn’t hear Hagrid say “Legit”. It might just be his accent, but I thought I’d bring that to your attention. :-)

  • Put it down to Tom using Legilimency on Hagrid 😉

  • It’s cool dude. :)

  • How do I download the audio onto my Mp3player???

  • I have forward your e-mail to our web master. Cap. Thanks for asking. If you don’t get an answer please contact me directly at and I’ll see what we can do for you. Capt. John CEO

  • Hi it’s me again. I know I haven’t spoken for like a year but I just decided to give up on it then. And I was wondering if you could put Tom Riddle’s Diaries on iTunes like you guys did with Snapes Diaries, it’s easier that way. :)

  • i don’t know how i got here but this is awesome!

  • Misfits Audio Productions is always welcome to have new listeners, we hope you enjoy our other shows just as well and let your friends know we are here. Thank You Capt. John CEO Misfits Audio

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