Snape’s Diaries Episode 1 “Hogwarts Express”

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Set during the Marauders Era of Hogwarts, it is from Snape’s point of view, as it is about time he had a proper series to himself. This is a seven episode season.

Being the pilot the actors and va directing are still a bit rough so be kind to it and give episode 2 a chance :) the mixing is by the fantastic April Sadowski.

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  • It was great can’t wait for the next one well done

  • Not a bad start, I’m looking forward to the next…that Dedrick guy certainly has a great voice :)

  • From ( 4-13-09

    I just found your podcast this weekend.
    Snape’s Diaries is excellent!!!
    The writing goes exactly between the lines of how I
    envisioned Snape as a student at Hogwarts.
    The actors and production people are excellent too!!!

  • I find this to be really interesting, but it seems as the voice actors are bored.

  • This is brilliant. Perfect for sleepless nights. It’s close to five in the morning here and I’m sure my mother would throw a fit if she knew what I’m doing here. Dammit, it’s over. I’ll go right on to Episoce two.

    Bye, Betty

  • Hehe, yeah for the most part the acting’s not so good, but I like the actual voice actors and sound effects. And the credits, hehe, “no profit blah blah blah”.

    The school song though, OUCH xD that hurt!

  • Wow- so glad I found this! ….”Do you think I should send him a Christmas card?” Haha classic!!! I loved how accurate everything was to the book. Only criticism: the actors are talking wayyyyy to slow as if they’re reading from their scripts, which was kind of distracting. And since when does James have an American accent? Haha…. However, this is still really appreciated! Thank you!(Hopefully JK makes a prequel!!!!!!)

  • Slughorn and mcgonagal sound great! love that mcgonagle is trying to sound like the scott she is. The lumos sound is too powerfull. it sounds like a major curse in a dual. I would have used some sort of gentle hum or a much softer pitched puff. the disaperate sound at the end is closser to a lumos.
    Love that they did the school song faithfully, what a hoot!

  • It really was fun writing in the original school song—I was disappointed the films never put it in because it was hilarious as described in the books.

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