Misfits Audio Productions Proudly Presents: Miracle on 34th St

A beloved classic treated with as much care to recreating this as authentically as possible. This audio drama may inspire a child-like faith in things unseen – even by those who have been conditioned to be a die-hard skeptic. When this happens we may join so many others witnessing a “Miracle on 34th Street”.

Featured in the cast were:

Natalie Stanfield Thomas as Mrs. Walker

Peter Katt as Mr. Gailey

Joe Stofko as Kris Kringle

Chloe Dehnart as Susan Walker

Capt. John Tadrzak as Judge Harper

Katie Dehnart as Woman Shopper (Mother)

Russell Gold as Thomas Mara

Glenn Hascall as Mr. Shellhammer

Bob Arnold as Mr. Sawyer

Glenn Higbee as Mr. Macy

Billy Flynn as Dr. Pierce

Colm Ward as Young Thomas

Carl Tomasello as Store Owner

Rory Ward as Peter

Tricia Groves as Miss Adams

Toni Collins as Teacher

Blake Carter as Bailiff

Delvin Kinser as Charlie

Boz Colins as Postal Employee

Dave Chrisman as Narrator

This story was adapted, produced and mixed by Glenn Hascall.

Executive Producer and webmaster, Captain John Tadrzak.

Art Director: Andrea Kuntz

Music: Arturo Toscanini (Public Domain)

This production is for enjoyment purposes only and is an original production by Misfits Audio, © 2013.

All rights reserved. Characters remain in the Public Domain and were inspired by the original work of Valentine Davies.

One Comment to “Misfits Audio Productions Proudly Presents: Miracle on 34th St”

  • Just listened to this while doing some last-minute wrapping. Excellent job all around. It captures all the atmosphere and resonance of the 1947 original film version — even though it’s about 1/2 hour shorter. The voice acting is top notch on all fronts, especially the child actors. The mixing, the music, the editing — it’s just all good. Kudos to all and to Misfits Audio!

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