Strange Stories Episode 9 “Professor Hoyt’s Remarkable Elixir”

A professor claims to have developed an elixir that will resurrect the dead.

Writer & Assistant Producer – Mike Murphy
Script Editor – Arlene Osborne
Producer – Katie Dehnart
Mixer & Post-Producer – Jim Smagata

Voice Talent:
Julie Hoverson as Narrator
Joe Stofko as Professor Thomas Hoyt
Darren Marlar as Bill Nicholson
Russell Gold as James Rigg
Katie Dehnart as Brenda Rigg
H Keith Lyons as Eddie Morse
Jim Patton as Mr. Statler
Mike Hennessy as Mr. Waldorf
Rish Outfield as Tony Marconi

7 Comments to “Strange Stories Episode 9 “Professor Hoyt’s Remarkable Elixir””

  • Great voicework on this episode, guys. And Mr. Stofko did a bang-up job as Professor Hoyt!

  • Rish,

    Thanks for your comments! Don’t leave out the gals!! EVERYONE did a great job… the writing from Mike Murphy was, as usual, superb! (must be the magical editing touch of Ms. Osborne!!) The opportunity to appear with such a talented cast and then to listen to the finished product from the production genius of Jim Smagata…. It may get better than this… but, I am not sure where or when! Glad that you enjoyed it, Rish, and thanks again.

  • Aw, shucks. Thanks, Joe.

  • Mike , fantastic script as always. It is a thrill to work with such a wonderful cast, especially to perform again with Joe, Russ, Darren, Katie and Julie. Rish, you did a fine job on your Italian accent and I enjoyed Jim and Mike’s reditions of Statler and Waldorf. Jim, outstanding mixing, you are a magician.

  • This may have been the best episode of Strange Stories yet. The writing, performances and mixing were superb. When it comes to audio dramas sometimes the finished product will be surprisingly good, it might be disappointing for any number of reasons, but sometimes everything clicks and when it does…well, Mike, Cap, Katie, I hope you’re saving this one for awards season!

  • Thanks, I really enjoyed this. It must have taken a lot of effort to put together something that sounds so professional. What I really liked was that it was proper horror and more enjoyable than many of the films I have watched recently. I will be listening to the rest of these Strange Stories soon.


  • Thank you, Mike E. I am VERY lucky to have such a talented group of people bringing my stories to life. Please let us know what you think of the other episodes.

    Mike Murphy

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