Star Rabbit Tracks ep 4-01: “Watership Dawn”

SRT 4-01 A

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Michael Liebmann.

Field Marshall Pigwig arrives on the Jackalope and initiates a search for Taddy McZacker’s brother, all the time working on a covert mission against the Fox Empire.

Star Rabbit Tracks Season 4 episode 1, “Watership Dawn” featured the voice talents of:

Alex Gilmour as Capt. Peter Rabbit
Bobbi Owens as Lt. Commander Tonya Ears
Tom Chalker as Commander Thumper
David Maciver as Lt. Taddy McZacker and Jupiter L McZacker
Melissa D. Sternenberg as Dr Jacqueline Flopsy
Stefania Lintonbon as Robot Delta
Bill Smagata as Robot Omega
John Bell as Field Marshal Pigwig
Glenn Hascall as Connery
Pete Lutz as Butler and Capaldi
Glenn Higbee as Fox Controller
Jennifer Rice as Admiral Janebob
Bobbi Owens as the Announcer

Star Rabbit Tracks, “Watership Dawn” was written by N.J. Rainford, based on the series created by Capt. John Tadrzak

Webmastered and Produced by Capt. John Tadrzak

Post-production by: James W. Smagata

Capt. John Tadrzak CEO of

We would like to confirm that Peter Rabbit went on an extensive training regimen after attempting his push ups, learning the hard way that they should not be undertaken without proper warm-ups and supervision. He can now do one without injury.

We are not affiliated in any way with, Star Trek, Bambi, Richard Adams and Beatrix Potter. This production is for enjoyment purposes only… Copyright 2016, Misfits Audio.

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