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Sci-Fi Salvage and Restoration Co. Ep 2: “86”

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Welcome to another exciting episode of Sci-Fi Salvage and Restoration Co. The Storykeeper finds a use for a story originally written by Kurt Vonnegut to help a man down on his luck to see there may be hope for his future. Head inside the Sci Fi Salvage and Restoration Company and enjoy the latest story.

Thanks for listening to Sci-Fi Salvage and Restoration Co. – Episode 2 – “86” Ticket Don’t forget to check out the complete cast members by clicking (more).


X Minus One Ep 38: “Skulking Permit”.


What would your town do if they had to live “down” to what is expected?


X minus One Ep37: “The C-Chute”


A space ship is boarded as spoils of war and is being taken to their home planet.


New Series : Sci-Fi Salvage and Restoration Co. Ep 1:”One Way Ticket”


New to Misfits Audio Productions. This is a Modern Sci-Fi audio and we want your opinion, weather you like or dislike. Share us your thoughts. Capt. John : Welcome to the debut episode of this all new series. Mayberry meets the Twilight Zone in this show dedicated to bringing new life and purpose to Golden Era science fiction. This episode is based on a public domain Ray Bradbury story that is set on an old outpost on Mars where a group of women may have met the equivalent of a snake-oil salesman.

One Way Ticket was adapted from Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Little Journey” by Glenn Hascall who also served as producer of this broadcast.


X Minus One Ep36: “Cave of Night”


A Voice from a ship, sent to space, sends back a message to Earth, but did it really come from there?


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